Sunscreen Guide

Part 1 - a sunscreen guide
Most of us love spending time in the sun and if we enjoy the sun in reasonable amounts, it can give us many health benefits. However, overexposure to UV radiation can not only cause painful red-burnt skin but also more...
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Part 2 - How to interpret sunscreen labels
Sunscreen products sold in Europe are covered by cosmetic products legislation. According to the regulations, sunscreen products should be labeled with certain symbols and specific labels to guide the user. It can be difficult to understand all the numbers, text...
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Part 3 - Skin-friendliness and hormonal effects of UV filters
UV filters affect the environment around us and can in some cases also affect the person using the product. The higher the molecular weight of a substance, the less likely it is to penetrate the skin. Since UV filters only...
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Part 4 - Environmental aspects of sunscreen
All sun protection products are resource-intensive and have an environmental impact, which comes from producing the raw materials as well as the product itself, its packaging, and all associated transport. These products also affect the environment after we use them....
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