Head of Formulation and Operations

For our R&D department, we are currently looking for someone to take the role as Head of Formulation and Operations. This role will take part of our core founding team of Skinome Research AB. A skin health company based in the city centre of Stockholm. You will work in an innovative and dynamic environment and report to the Chief Scientific Officer.


Job purpose

Lead, design and oversee formulation development projects and production/logistics  processes in accordance with  our strategy and any applicable regulatory requirements to develop and sustain our skincare and healthcare product portfolio.



The Head of Formulation and Process Development is expected to lead, design and oversee product development and scientific studies.

– Lead the development  of sun care products and skincare products for Skinome partners

– Ensure a smooth implementation and transfer of frontend formulation development into production (Swedish producer).

– Project lead regulatory affair projects

– Project lead open innovation partnerships (academic&industry) within formulation technology and packaging technologies

– Build a team within formulation technology with the following team responsibilities:

– Manage required chemical and physical analysis as well as performance tests  and report result accurately

– Keep accurate records of batches and stability results

–  Identify and obtain new raw materials on an ongoing basis, along with appropriate safety/technical documentation, specifications, samples, etc.

– Design and lead specific formulation and manufacturing process development plan in cooperation external partner, in line with business priorities

– Responsible for the conception, design, and interpretation of scientific and technical data to support projects decision making

– Collaborate with scientific staff to design, implement, and interpret the data from formulation development projects

– Solve complex problems through collaborations with others, taking a new perspective on existing solutions

– Generate strong relationships in the area with preferred partners beneficial to the organization, both internally and externally, to deliver innovative products, pre-clinical and clinical materials

– Identify, technically qualify and recommend external partner (e.g. CDMO, Academia) and set strategic partnership (e.g. raw material suppliers, packaging suppliers)

– Prepare and present data to internal project team meetings

– Function effectively as a core team member on multiple concurrent project developments

– Contribute to set a risk management table, update it as necessary and escalade in a timely manner any critical risk

– Contribute to define and execute mitigation and contingency plan

– Plan efficiently activities and ensure strict monitoring of milestones and budget

– Act as a voice and ambassador of its department at various governance bodies / meetings

– Ensure close oversight of GMP activities that are conducted externally to ensure at each stage of development an appropriate level of quality requirements

– Ensure that external partners operate in compliance with Safety, Health and Environment policy

– Identify and attend congresses and forum to ensure continuous expertise growth and visibility of Skinome

– Publish/present in high quality journals/conferences


Education and Experience requirements

– Master or PhD in Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pharmacist, Chemical Engineering or closely related to the field

– At least 4+ years of relevant experience in cosmetics/pharmaceutical/Healthcare/Food industry

– Established track record of success topical developments

– Experience working with external partners (e.g. CDMO, Academic)

– Sound technical qualifications and deep knowledge in developing formulation strategy and manufacturing process engineering including primary packaging

– Demonstrated laboratory experience in the field and in developing innovative solutions

– Solid understanding of characterization and performance of product, notably when screening formulations

– Excellent understanding of cGMP, ICH guidance and applicable guidelines

– In-depth knowledge how to implement a Quality by Design approach including design of experiment and statistical analysis

– Excellent communication, negotiation and external follow-up

– Excellent verbal and written communication skills (English) and the ability to work in a team environment with cross-functional interactions

– Good team player

We have a very exciting journey ahead and we hope to find someone that fits our Skinome team!


About Skinome Research AB

Skinome Research AB is dynamic, skin and microbiome tech company and research foundation based in the city centre of Stockholm, Sweden. For more information please visit www.skinomeproject.com

To apply for the role please e-mail your CV and personal letter to johanna@skinome.se. Applications will be reviewed as they come in with a final application date of November 15th 2019. If you would like to enquire about the role you can reach Johanna Gillbro directly at +46 (0)765422377