A project with a fresh take on skincare

Skinome Project, managed through the company Skinome Research AB, is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Our office is based in the city center, at Kungsholmen, where we also have our own laboratory. Thanks to having our own lab and in-house expertise, our formulation team led by our founder and Chief scientific officer Johanna Gillbro, we can develop our skincare formulations from scratch. This is unlike most skincare brands, typically working with a subcontractor who is developing the products based on a marketing brief. It gives us full control and helps us to never compromise on our ambition – to always put skin health first. It also gives us the freedom to study and investigate new ingredients on an ongoing basis.

We are currently in the process of developing our first product range, to be launched in the autumn of 2020, and in parallel we drive the Skinome Project platform according to our mission and vision.   

To provide a neutral, scientific approach to skincare development and drive for a change of the industry. Knowing it's complex to understand and act on the latest research, we offer ready solutions – skincare products without additives, with effective ingredients and produced fresh

To empower every skincare user to make the best decisions for the skin while caring for people and planet.

The Skinome Project is a platform consisting of five building blocks which all contribute to our mission. Below is a short description on what we want to achieve with each block, and what's in it for you:

  1. Education. We want to provide a neutral and scientific approach to the skincare industry - by sharing our knowledge we can help you to make educated decisions about your skin and your skincare routine. 
  2. Community. Skinome Project is an ongoing project with never ending focus on innovation. To us, it's really important to be transparent, honest and generous in sharing knowledge with you. We constantly evolve and want to invite you to take part in the development of the project - we would love to get your ideas and your perspectives!
  3. Solutions. We know it’s complex to understand and act on the latest research and we will therefore offer ready solutions – proven skincare products without additives and with effective ingredients that are developed by us in our own lab.
  4. Research. Our roots are in the science and our ambition is to stay in the forefront in terms of research on the skin. Our team of skin experts, led by Chief scientific officer Johanna Gillbro, initiates and participates in research projects and collaborates with selected partners to further learn about the skin. We will share all news with you here on our website.
  5. Drive change. We want to empower everyone to make the best decisions for their skin. We hope this leads to skincare consumers just like you, demanding the industry to change - to focus on what’s best for the skin and not what’s best for wallet.