About Emilia

Emilia started her internship in January and will be doing her Master’s Thesis at Skinome Project. She is finalizing her studies in biochemical engineering, with a M Sc in Industrial Biotechnology, at Linköping University. It is a broad education with courses such as Protein Chemistry, Innovation Management and Environmental Engineering. 

Before moving to Stockholm, in addition to her studies, she worked at Synlab Analytics in customer service. The responsibilities were case handling and administration of customer orders, giving advice on water and soil analysis and communicating between the various departments of the lab.  

She has also been a certified Makeup Artist since 2013 and runs her own company, StyleEmilia, as a freelancing Makeup Artist. She specializes in wedding makeup and collaborates with other partners in the wedding industry. 

"Being a passionate skincare nerd and scientist, researching products and ingredients is a must for me. The more I've learned and experienced from the skincare industry, the more I realized it had a gap. I felt it was missing solutions that were truly good for skin health, supported by science and also kind to our planet. I believe Skinome Project can fill this gap and help change the skincare industry as a whole. When I found out about this project, I knew I just had to join. I am so excited to now be part of this wonderful and talented team!"