About Johanna

Johanna has more than 15 years of experience in experimental dermatology, clinical research and skin care product development, as well as substantial experience from the pharmaceutical industry. She is frequently engaged as a speaker at international dermatological and cosmetic science conferences to present her cutting-edge research and is the most cited author in The International Journal of Cosmetic Science in the past 10 years. Johanna holds several patents to anti-aging compounds and has been a research manager for anti-aging treatments as well as innovation manager within the skincare industry.

Needless to say, she is an expert on skin and how best to take care of it. Now she is on a mission to bring her knowledge to consumers, starting with the release of her book "Hudbibeln" (The Scandinavian Skincare Bible) in April 2019. Upon publication, the book went straight to the bestseller lists at all major retailers in Sweden.

"I founded this company/project because I truly believe that the skincare industry needs to be transformed. We need to develop products putting our skin first and foremost. Coming from a dermatological background, I am used to developing solutions that solve skin problems. Entering the skincare industry, I noticed it was the other way around. The focus was rather to solve problems related to marketing & communication, logistics or the sensory aspect of the product.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by people and a network that truly believe in my vision. A vision, where your skin is always put first and on which we will never compromise. Instead, we compromise on shelf life and storage. Our products are sensitive, just like your skin. They are freshly made. Why? To provide the most effective solutions for your skin and treat your skin microbiome in the best way possible."