About Marcus

Marcus is the co-founder of Skinome Project and also CEO of Tipser, the e-commerce platform for Europe's big media houses, helping media and traffic platforms make more money on e-commerce than on ads.

Marcus has a long list of relevant experiences that he brings to Skinome Project; he led the development and roll-out of Wellness By Oriflame, a new global business unit of dietary supplements in 47 countries for Oriflame Cosmetics and achieved growth from 0 to 100M€ turnover in 6 years.

He is an experienced Managing Director and has had board positions where his role has been to re-ignite business and get back to growth, while reducing costs (Oriflame Scandinavia, Kortio, Swedish Herbal Institute and, Hälsokraft).

Apart from his long list of relevant experiences he is a passionate leader, international expansionist and company builder and he has in-depth knowledge from international management, global sales & marketing, fast expansion, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship and people management.

When Johanna shared her vision and her research breakthrough it was mind blowing. I had to join when the realization struck me that so much bad stuff is put in skin care creams, just to be able to store it in boutiques for 3 years, and that Johanna already had the solution for healthy skin care without compromises. I am so happy to be part of this exciting project, because we truly have a solution that is not only the best for healthy skin, but can also change an entire industry. We are on a mission to educate consumers what the skin needs and that there are better ways for optimal skin health than what the skin care industry is preaching.