About Stephanie

Stephanie has worked with digital marketing, business development, customer experience and project management both at startups and larger companies before joining the Skinome Project at the beginning of 2019 – actually as the company’s first hire. She has also founded and managed her own successful startup company within staffing and event management.

Stephanie holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics from Stockholm University combined with international studies at the National University of Singapore. Additionally, she is an educated Growth Marketer from Berghs School of Communication. 

"As a marketer today, I think it’s hard to find a job that combines your passion for marketing with a product or service actually worth marketing and selling. I think the world needs more responsible and sustainable consumption, and that is an important change Skinome Project can bring about to the cosmetics industry. 

I love working with a project that creates solutions that really will benefit other people – and also the industry as a whole. That we also value transparency, science-based knowledge and the voice of our community makes our project so important. I believe we can make a difference for our industry and the world."