The Skinome Product Concept

During our founder, Johanna Gillbro’s, time working in the skincare industry she realized three things:

1. Active ingredients are often affected by temperature, air and water. This makes them degrade i.e. loose their efficacy. Sometimes manufacturers use stabilizers or preservatives to minimize this effect and some of the most common preservatives are actually on EU´s watchlist for health and environmental risk factors. Manufacturers do also not control if the consumer in the end gets the right concentration needed for a certain effect. A skin cream that is degrading is typically turning yellow over time, just like an apple turning brown after a few hours in the air. The difference though is that it's still perfectly fine to eat the apple, but the active ingredients in the cream have lost their efficacy.  



2. The high water content in most skincare products, water is many times the number one ingredient, combined with demands from today's supply chains require manufacturers to use a high dose of preservative systems. It's known that preservatives can have a sensitizing effect on human skin as well as disturbance of the skin microbiome. Just think about the difference in life span of a crisp bread compared to a loaf of fresh bread - the crisp bread can be stored for several years but the fresh bread will develop mould after just a few days if it does not contain preservatives. 



3. Our skin, just like our gut, is the home to trillions and trillions of microbes like bacteria, fungi and viruses that control the well-being of our skin. It is called the skin microbiome and these microbes are crucial in order to maintain a healthy skin. Only recently have we understood that we have been doing things all wrong, instead of eliminating our microbes with anti-microbial substances (like preservatives), we should take care of them in the best way possible. 



In summary, we know that the way skincare products are stored today - in room temperature - makes the active ingredients degrade. And when making skincare products, large amounts of different preservatives are used to increase the shelf life of the product, even though we know today that it can kill the good bacteria in the skin. To get an understanding of the level of preservatives used in skincare products, imagine what would happen if you put a jar of fresh sour cream on your bathroom shelf and dipped your fingers in it every day for several months?  



In the past decade we have seen an enormous change in terms of consumers' knowledge of what is healthy when it comes to food. Consumers are well educated, read and understand the ingredient lists and there is a strong trend towards locally produced, freshly made, natural and organic. The skincare industry is today primarily focused on long lasting instead of freshly made, on large scale instead of locally produced and there are very few consumers who can read and understand the ingredient lists.

We believe this has to change and we aim to be in the forefront of pushing for this change to happen. One way is by developing and offering products in a completely different way. Our concept and philosophy are based on many years of research on active ingredients and on the skin and we are currently working hard developing our first range of products. We look forward to offer them here on our website and will keep you updated on the progress and the time of launch. We hope you are as excited as we are!