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Johanna Gillbro
When I decided to write my book Hudbibeln, it was because I wanted to explain the latest science and my research in an easy and comprehensive way. When it was released in April 2019, I had no idea what to expect in terms of response. My wish was that the book would guide and empower skincare users to make the best decisions for their skin.

I never imagined what an amazing response I would receive from all of you who have read the book and I really want to thank everyone who has sent messages, emails, and even handwritten letters. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to answer all of you, but I am going to try to answer the most common questions through our channels soon.
If you have read my book, you have probably understood that I want to push for a change within the skincare industry. In light of the latest science and research, we must reconsider how skincare products are made and focus on what is best for our skin as well as what is good for the planet. After the release of my book I realized that instead of waiting for this change, I could lead the way to make it happen. As a result, I founded Skinome Project reflecting my ambitions to change the industry.  
Skinome Project would not exist if it did not need to. If there were already products like the ones we are developing, we would not make them. I do not think the world needs just another skincare company, however I believe the world needs a skincare alternative that truthfully puts your skin health first.
My team and I have worked hard during the past year to be able to launch our project this year. We see the interaction with you as an essential part of our project and we hope you will be up for participating! 
Johanna Gillbro PhD
Founder & CSO